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April 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for 04/06/19

In attendance: Jeremy LaCrosse, Kari Daly, Jackie DeGiorgis, Gabby West, Liz Urban, Tim Mangun

Meeting started at 10:21am.

Old Business:

Adams Space (Update) -- Becky from the Town of Adams informed us that the HVAC on the building will not extend to the theater space (the grant isn’t large enough); we are unsure of whether or not they can obtain an occupancy permit to allow us to use the space. Becky suggested we write a proposal and Sam has shared a template for a written proposal that we’ve been working on in Google Docs. We edited the proposal together in the meeting; Marissa will format it and Jackie will send it out.

Cabaret Camp -- Dates are July 14-21 this year. Since we aren’t sure of what is happening at the potential Adams site, we are planning on using BART’s space again this year. Marissa will follow up with BART on paperwork to ensure we can get the space for those dates (application has already been submitted and we’ve received an informal ‘yes’). Theme is “storytelling.”

Staged Readings -- We didn’t have a chance for a Potluck and a Play reading in March. Jackie suggested a series of 10-minute plays (she’s looking into some of them now) and will contact Adams Library about performing there. Marissa suggested a Potluck and a Play for April but we couldn’t find a date when we could all meet this month. Instead, we will continue to read one acts on our own with a plan of making some decisions in May. We should also keep in mind partnering with other summer events.

Facebook/Website -- Tim has consolidated hosting and web domain into Wix; saves us a few bucks. KD added a simple Past Performances page to be a placeholder until we can get the more detailed one up and running. KD reminded everyone that we need more info added to the Google doc to update this detailed Past Performances page so we can get it ready by Cabaret time. Jackie offered to be the official email checker. Liz will send her the login information. Gabby is continuing to post updates on Facebook from time to time.

Growing Membership -- Still tabled on this.

Financial Update -- Tim paid to renew the domain. Gabby brought in a bank statement and we’re still healthy-looking, but our savings are shrinking. Marissa suggested that we might want to consider a fundraising project this year; she has asked us to come up with a project that can take place sometime near cabaret (to remind people that we’re still actively producing). Liz suggested a maybe Paint and Sip with a theatrical theme. Tim suggested maybe a series of small events rather than one big one (apparently Ramuntos does a small fundraising thing with coupons). Jeremy also suggested we search for a different space to store our stuff so we can save money on the storage unit. We will continue individually to brainstorm about this and present ideas at the next meeting.

Community Collaborations -- Green Mountain Weavers is still interested in collaborating. KD will connect with them about a staged reading.

New Business:

Theatre Plugs--

Gabby reminded the group that Charlie, our former go-to child actor, is playing Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors in May.

The final performance of Liz’s high school production tonight.

Jeremy suggested that we plug local theatre productions on our Facebook, to support the community.

Meeting adjourned 11:38 am.

Next meeting: May 4th at 10am (come as your favorite Wookie).