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August 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for 08/03/19

In attendance: Jeremy LaCrosse, Jackie DeGiorgis, Marissa Carlson, Tara Johnson, Gabby West

Meeting started at 10:21am.

Old Business:

Adams Space -- Jackie attempted once more to contact Rebecca of Adams with no response. Jeremy will email his contact this weekend to see if we can meet with the sub committee who is working on that project. Gabby will also reach out to a former selectboard person who she knows.

Cabaret Camp -- Very successful production with some new performers. Profit was $959.00 from the four performances. Theme next year will be “Food.”

Financial Update -- Gabby has filed the 990 tax form. She provided the group with financial updates on our account.

Staged Readings -- Auditions, rehearsals, performances are officially booked with the Adams library. Auditions will take place on Aug. 13th from 5:30-7:30pm. God of Carnage will take place on Sept. 12th and Church and State will take place on Oct. 24th. Tara will direct a November reading, most likely Constellations.

Facebook -- Marissa created a Facebook event for the readings. Good traffic on the post about this month’s meeting.

Website -- KD suggested (via Jeremy) that we hold off on updating the re-vamped ‘Past Productions’ page until we can get a sub-committee together. Jackie suggested a ‘Potluck and a Scan’ party to try to get some of the pictures scanned and other work done sometime this month.

Growing Membership -- No active campaign, but Jackie suggested we plug membership in our curtain speeches, etc.

Community Collaborations -- No updates.

New Business:


Theatre Plugs:

Orion at The Whit in Pittsfield, Jackie and Gabby directing, 9/13-9/15, 9/20-9/22, 8pm (2pm on Sunday)

Next meeting: September meeting will be 8/31.

Meeting adjourned at 11:19am.