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December 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for 12/01/18

In attendance: Jeremy LaCrosse, Kari Daly, Jackie DeGiorgis, Marissa Carlson, Gabby West

Meeting started at 10:24am

Old Business:

Letter to Town of Adams (Update) -- Kari, Marissa, Jackie, and Jeremy met with Becky Ferguson from Adams on Nov. 23rd. We were able to get into the space and check it out. It’s a former high school theater, maybe 400 seats, in decent shape. It appears to be structurally sound, though there appears to have been water damage in the past that has been addressed (stage floor replaced). Becky indicated that the town was working on updating HVAC and otherwise investing in the property. The town hopes to sell half the building to an apartment developer, give the Council on Aging the gym space, and let us utilize the theater space. We have no reservations about the space, but the terms are vague right now. Our next step is to meet with the town manager (Donna Cesan) and present our offer and, eventually, meet with the select board. Becky did warn us, however, that the town manager is extremely busy at the moment and that there may be a delay in her getting back to us. Jackie will touch base after the meeting to start the ball rolling on setting up a meeting.

Small Space search --

We tabled this until the new year and see if we have updates from the bigger space in Adams in the meantime.

Options we were looking into:

· Eric Rudd’s space (the former Methodist church) -- No update; Marissa will talk to her mom about it

· Brayton School -- Jackie will look into

· Lecture hall at MCLA -- No update; Marissa has not heard back from MCLA yet on possibly using a space there; needs to nudge them.

· [UNASSIGNED -- just an idea we threw out] In Adams: St. Mark’s Church (stone church near McDonald’s); Jackie will ask Liz if she has contact info

· Ashland Street Project Space -- No update on how much Ashland Street costs (we were thinking of it in terms of just having an office space/physical presence for MCP); definitely too small for performance space.

Facebook/Website -- Website: KD suggested quarterly updates. Jackie suggested a subcommittee meeting in which Tim can update us on how to update the site (Jackie will contact Tim). Marissa also suggested that Tara may be able to help us out with this. Facebook: Marissa will set up meeting reminders to go out every month to remind people of the meeting (we will update this as needed).

By-laws subcommittee -- By-laws went out in an email after the subcommittee meeting. No one had edits to propose. We will vote to accept them at the January meeting.

Possible collaboration with Town Players (K111 space at BCC) -- We still haven’t attended an official meeting of the Town Players, though Jackie was invited to attend a separate (subcommittee?) meeting. It is unclear, at this point, whom we would enter into agreement with, as there appears to be a disconnect/disagreement within Town Players regarding the project. They did share a template of what an agreement would look like. We assume that, if we entered into an agreement, we would split profits and expenses with them (they charge $15 for straight plays, $18 for musicals, generally). Jeremy had some concerns about the template provided; it appeared to be uneven as far as splitting costs/profits (this could be owing to just a confusing format, however). We would need to clarify this. Jackie noted that they would handle the marketing.

The idea is, once we are ready to commit to a show and director on our end, we will be able to present this to the board. Time period is March/April. Jackie is available to direct; KD said she could play a small role or help out backstage; Jeremy is unavailable in the spring; Gabby could also help out; Marissa could not. Show would have to be small cast, minimal set. KD suggested putting an email out to the rest of group asking for suggestions and set a deadline for December 10th for feedback (Jackie and Marissa will hash this out).

Growing Membership -- Tabled until the new year.

Holiday/Children Show (February) -- Still waiting on possible collaboration with Town Players before we move on this.

New Business:

No new business.

Next meeting: We have set the meetings for 2019 on the first Saturday of every month, but may shift as needed. Next meeting: January 5, 2019.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15am.