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December 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for 12/07/19

In attendance: Jeremy LaCrosse, Gabby West, Kari Daly, Jackie DeGiorgis

Meeting started at 10:10.

Old Business:

Adams Space -- Jeremy has a meeting with Jay Green, Town Manager of Adams this upcoming Wednesday at 2:30pm to discuss the Adams Memorial School space. Gabby and Jackie will attend as well.

Firehouse Café -- Mike Mach is looking for our dates for 2020.

Staged Readings -- Constellations took place on Thursday, Nov. 21st @ 6pm. One audience member! Definitely need to work on promotion more, but we hardly did anything this time around so it’s not surprising. Moving into spring: Via email Marissa said that she’s interested in directing a musical sing-along for spring. No one else really has time/energy to do a staged reading until spring.

KD wants to start up the public Potluck & a Play again, a monthly series (could begin in February; Thursday nights?); please send her any suggestions you may have. Will send out an email to firm up dates and then send request to Mike.

Financial Update -- Gabby checked out IRS status; we’re still in limbo, but it may take a little longer. Will check again.

Facebook -- No updates.

Website/Email -- Email blast went out for the final staged reading and for the December meeting as well. KD will keep on top of these. Also, website was updated to reflect that fall staged reading series was over.

Growing Membership -- Still tabled.

Community Collaborations -- Peter Glazer will attend our February meeting to talk more about a collaboration The Celestials. He is looking for actors to read for the spring MASS MoCA event. Also, he wants to have a few more events in the summer so he expects to have to cast for those to replace college student actor who have left for the summer.

New Business:

Strategic Plan for 2020: Update will be due at February meeting. We will refresh ourselves on the plan at the January meeting. Officers have access to the official MCP Documents folder on the Google Drive. Strategic Plan pdf is located there.

Theatre Plugs:

A Christmas Carol is coming up again at BTG.

Charlies is in Spam-a-Lot, January 10th and 11th at BART.

Next meeting: January 4th at 10am.

Meeting adjourned at 10:40am.