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February 2020 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for 02/01/20

In attendance: Jeremy LaCrosse, Kari Daly, Jackie DeGiorgis, Marissa Carlson, Peter Glazer

Meeting started at 10:14am.

Old Business:

Community Collaborations -- Peter Glazer (history professor at UC Berkeley, former theatre professional) is a guest artist at MASS MoCA this semester He is finishing the script adapted from The Celestials this weekend and wants to have a series of readings in order to preview the work and engage with the community -- one reading for Act I, one reading for Act II, and one reading for both acts before the formal presentation at MASS MoCA on May 7th. This June 13th is the 150th anniversary of the event that begins the story; Peter is hoping to create an event around that as well and that is where he envisions us stepping in to help, as a lot of the actors he is currently using may be out of town. The nature of this event is still fluid. He encouraged us to send him ideas. He will provide us with a hard copy of the script that we can read when it’s available.

Berkshire Bards, an offshoot of Town Players of Pittsfield, is forming and is interested in collaborating with us in the future. Pittsfield- and south county-based. MC said we should tell them that we would be interested in collaborating once we nail down our new space.

Adams Space -- Jeremy and Gabby did not get to meet with Jay Green (Adams Town Manager) at the second meeting because an emergency meeting came up. They met instead with Becky Ferguson, who is the project manager for the Adams space. They went over some stuff with her, but did not cover a lot of new ground. The meeting confirmed, however, the positive energy we’ve been getting from Jay. Fire codes will be a bit of a hurdle, but Becky assured us that the fire chief would be willing to work with us. Jeremy is working on setting up another meeting with Jay.

Firehouse Café/Staged Readings -- We’re set for third Thursdays Feb-March and have the space from 5:30pm-9pm (Jackie will request April and May after the meeting). We will open the doors at 5:30pm and plan on a 6:30pm start. We can send in our donation to Mike Mach at the end of the series. KD is going to coordinate three plays -- The Foreigner, Private Lives, The Importance of Being Earnest. Marissa will do Potluck & A Sing-a-Long in April (Mary Poppins).

Financial Update -- Our 501(c)3 status has been reinstated. Need to re-file 990 for this year soon. No other financial updates.

PR Update -- Note that this includes the previous agenda items of Social Media, Website/Email. Per Drew’s suggestion from last meeting, KD created a Twitter account for us (@MillCityProd); please follow us. We still need to create an Instagram account. Also, KD created a doc in the shared Google Drive folder with all of MCP’s passwords and logins to accounts.

Growing Membership -- Still tabled.

Strategic Plan for 2020 -- We filled out the Strategic Plan Scorecard for 2019. JL suggested an in-depth strategic plan meeting once we get into the new space in which we evaluate programming.

New Business:


Theatre Plugs:

Ghent Playhouse -- The Chalk Garden, January 31-February 2, February 7-9, 14-16

Bennington Community Theatre -- You Have the Right to Remain Dead, February 21-23

Next meeting: March 7th.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.