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January 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for 01/05/19

In attendance: Jeremy LaCrosse, Kari Daly, Jackie DeGiorgis, Marissa Carlson, Gabby West, Tim Mangun, Liz Urban

Meeting started at 10:15am.

Old Business:

Adams Space (Update) -- Jackie has emailed Becky (community development point person) from Town of Adams to thank her for giving us a chance to see the space and asked for her help to set up a meeting; haven’t heard back yet. Next step: Jackie will call Becky to see what we should do next to get the ball rolling to set up a meeting. Jeremy works with someone on the select board of Adams who said that the space has been available to the community (for free) for the past year and no one has booked the theater. She confirmed that the roof has been fixed and that the town has a grant to replace HVAC in 2019. She suggested that MCP book the space to try it out while we’re waiting on Becky. Gabby will research how to book the space (should be a form on the town website, Jeremy’s contact said).

Possible collaboration with Town Players (K111 space at BCC) -- An email was sent out to MCP members to suggest plays we might produce in the K111 space. Jackie doesn’t feel comfortable working with the Town Players at this moment and hasn’t found a play that would work in K111 yet. It’s also still a little unclear how this collaboration would work. We voted against the collaboration. But, we may consider renting the space directly from BCC in the future.

Facebook/Website -- Website: Tim extended invitations on Wix (our platform) for managing the website to those who responded to his email. No one has had a chance to play around with this yet, with the holidays and all. Last time, Marissa volunteered Tara to help with the site, but hasn’t told her yet. Jackie offered her home for a subcommittee meeting to revamp the website for the first quarter. Tabled until February. Tim will look into putting all of our photos into an archive on Dropbox or something similar, but notes that a lot of photos are available on our Facebook.

Facebook: We missed setting up a reminder on Facebook for this meeting, but Marissa set one for next month to automatically post. Gabby volunteered to be the Facebook point person; will email us when she posts something so we can see if it shows up on our feeds. We will consider rotating the point person from time to time.

By-laws vote -- New by-laws were unanimously approved.

Growing Membership -- Was tabled again until February, when we hope to have some MCP news (production or otherwise) that will help jumpstart a membership drive.

Holiday/Children Show (February) -- We decided not to do a February show, but perhaps do a kids show in the summer months.

New Business:

No new business.

Next meeting: Saturday, Feb. 2nd @ 10am

Meeting adjourned at 10:51 am (new record!)