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January 2020 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for 01/03/20

In attendance: Jeremy LaCrosse, Gabby West, Kari Daly, Jackie DeGiorgis, Marissa Carlson, Drew Davidson

Meeting started at 10:15am.

Old Business:

Adams Space -- Jeremy and Gabby met with Adams Town Manager Jay Green; it went really well. They’re really interested in having us come into the space. We have another meeting with Jay Green and other Adams town officials on Thursday, January 9 at 3pm to work out more details (Jeremy and Gabby will attend). Email Jeremy and Gabby with any questions we should ask.

Firehouse Café/Staged Readings -- We’re going to ask for a Thursday a month (Feb-May) from Mike Mach; Jackie will email Mike with our request. KD raised concerns about having a potluck and a play and board of health issues; Marissa looked it up and said we should be fine because we are a nonprofit. However, we need to be careful in our phrasing. “Neither the food nor the facilities have been inspected by the state or the local health department” needs to be where the food is. Please let KD know if you have any suggestions for play readings; let Marissa know if you have a request for a Potluck & a Sing-along.

Financial Update -- Still no word on the 990 re-file; Gabby will prod them. No financial updates.

Social Media -- No updates on Facebook. Drew suggested we add social media accounts; we agreed that we should add these prior to the Adams School launch.

Website/Email -- Website has been updated to reflect cabaret from this past summer in past productions page. Also, KD discovered that the feedback box was sending messages to Wix, not our email address. There was some old stuff in there that she cleared out/responded to. Then she got rid of that option. Meeting email blasts have been going out.

Growing Membership -- Still tabled.

Community Collaborations -- Peter Glazer will attend our February meeting to talk more about a collaboration with The Celestials (book by Karen Shepard, adapted script by Glazer). He is a professor; he is working on this a fully staged show with MASS MoCA and others during his sabbatical. He has an additional project he wants to do specifically with us in May/June -- we’ll find out more in February.

Strategic Plan for 2020 -- Jeremy handed out strategic plan materials so everyone can come prepared to evaluate our goals for 2019/set new goals for 2020 at the February meeting. Gabby will be absent from February meeting; will send along info we need for strategic plan evaluation via email.

New Business:

New Play Submissions -- MCP email account had an email from someone who wants to submit plays for readings. KD asked how we should go about with these kinds of requests. We decided to accept new plays with the idea that we will keep circulation of said plays among ourselves and perhaps produce a new play reading series in the future.

Google Docs: KD reminded officers to update Google docs Membership List, as we have elections coming up this year. Also, she asked that people fill in the 2019 year as best they can so we can have an accurate history (and so we can add emails to our email blasts).

Theatre Plugs:

Charlie is doing Spam-a-Lot at BART, Jan. 10-12th

Rock Voices takes place on January 10th at the Berkshire Museum; “Community rock chorus w/professional backup band”

Hubbard Hall is doing Stupid Fucking Bird; starts Jan. 31st (one weekend)

Next meeting: February 1, 2020

Meeting adjourned at 11:06am.