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July 2018 Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Marissa Carlson, Gabi West, Jeremy LaCrosse, Kari Daly

Meeting started at 10:32am.

Old Business:

Cabaret Camp -- Revenue came to $463.00 with a total attendance of 100. Total in bank account is $7,654.00. Jeremy suggested maybe nixing the Thursday performances in the future, but Gabi and Marissa felt that Thursdays are usually a kind of open dress and helps with the rehearsal process (also, we get a little extra money from it). BART space seemed to work out great. Not sure how good it would work for a regular performance. Marissa cited sight lines and lighting issues; we would have to bring extra masking and a minimal set, would not be able to use it outside the summer months (except maybe during vacation weeks?). The site cost us $500.00 for the week. Jeremy was happy that concessions were canned sodas and individually wrapped items.

Scholarship Fund -- After paying out $500.00 in scholarships, scholarship fund stands at $1,117.60.

Staged Readings -- The two men have dropped out of the July reading of Faith Healer. Jeremy will take one role; we will email Jerry about the other role and if that doesn’t work Marissa suggested Travis (from Cabaret). Future staged readings: Jackie would like to do a reading of a current Town Players production (an original production; Jackie wants to ask the playwright if MCP can do it as well). Kari expressed reservations about doing a reading of the same show that TP is doing. Jackie wasun able to be present to answer questions. Marissa suggested including the TP cast reading in our lineup as a collaborative project. We will get more information from Jackie soon. New reading site is still up in the air; Gabi has not had a chance to email The Freight Yard but will do so. We will move forward on the fall staged reading lineup after we nail down a new location.

Facebook/Website update -- Izzy is sick and hasn’t had a chance to move forward on this. Tim updated the site for Cabaret Camp, but we should still look into updating.

Mohawk Meeting -- Gabi reported on the meeting to take over the Mohawk. The meeting went well, she says, and the nonprofit architectural firm that’s working on this project, MASS, seemed interested in Mill City’s needs. Positive feedback on a theater company being in the space someday. About 50 people attended. We’ll wait and see what happens. They have Gabi and Jackie’s contact information; they will let us know if they hear anything.

New Business:

By Laws -- Kari suggested we begin thinking about looking at the by-laws; Jeremy suggested an August “Constitutional Convention.”

The Return of Pumpkin Walk! -- Gabi will email Peter Oleskiewicz about the Eagle Street Initiative hosting the event. We need the following:

Street blocked off

Cold storage (we’re thinking of a two day event; maybe Oct. 26th and 27th)

Place to host carving sessions (maybe Roots Teen Center?; Marissa will email them)

Meeting ended at 11:20am.