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June 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for 06/01/19

In attendance: Jeremy LaCrosse, Kari Daly, Jackie DeGiorgis, Gabby West, Marissa Carlson

Meeting started at 10:30am.

Old Business:

Adams Space (Update) -- Jackie has sent two emails to Becky Ferguson from Adams and has not heard back. Gabby is also attempting to put in a good word for us through another contact. Town of Adams is in transition and obviously we’re not top priority. Next step is to call Becky, but we’re trying not to be pushy.

Cabaret Camp -- Pre-camp rehearsal today. Gabby has brought the check to BART yet but will this week and will also bring insurance paperwork with her. July 12-21; theme is “storytelling.” Name is forthcoming; once we have it we will ask Tim to design poster again. Mid-way through June Marissa will send out a box office staffing request.

Staged Readings -- Jackie contacted the Adams library; they have several spaces we could use and they are open late two nights (T, Th) until 8pm. Since they have more rooms, it seems like this would be easier for us to book than the North Adams Library. Jackie also sent along a bunch of one acts via email (10 minute plays) for us to look over. We will be doing a Potluck & a Play at Gabby’s on June 21st at 6pm to consider our options. We were also looking into the Firehouse Café in Adams to see if that was a viable space. Jackie didn’t get a chance to look into it and will into it for next time.

Facebook -- FB announcement for our meeting didn’t go out; Marissa will fix. Gabby will work on re-posting events from other groups and keeping us in the public eye. Every week or every other week is fine. We will re-post about Sam’s show and Jackie’s show.

Website -- Still need to go into the storage unit to find past show stuff. KD will grab photos and cast lists from Gabby’s house at Potluck & a Play (she has the old posterboards).

Growing Membership -- Still tabled on this.

Financial Update -- Jackie donating another $150 to MCP; along with the $350 she donated last month, this will cover the cost of the BART rental. Greylock accidentally emailed Courtney for our insurance renewal; Gabby will correct this. Gabby has also set up our insurance through an online system. Insurance bill has been paid (%544) and we are good for the next year. Gabby set up an account for the 990 tax form as well, but hasn’t filled it out yet. Will do so by next meeting (we’re just filing for 2018 and will keep up with it from here on out; not going back and filing for the years missed). Marissa will provide her with our tax ID number.

Marissa donated $147.76 to MCP in Cabaret Camp materials.

Fundraising -- Jeremy has suggested that the board make donations this year in lieu of a fundraising event this year. The idea is that the kind of fundraisers we’re looking at require a lot of work and won’t bring in a lot of cash anyway; some of us would rather donate the money and save the time and hassle. KD and Jeremy will make a donation.

Gabby suggested an annual appeal and KD pointed out that we should wait until we are ready for a big campaign to do this. In the meantime, we need to recover the email/mailing list from Tim (Marissa will do this).

Community Collaborations -- KD is working with Green Mountain Weavers to produce a staged reading relating to weaving. Might take a while.

Strategic Plan -- Updated the strategic plan. We will continue to refer to this throughout the year. KD will add a copy of the updated plan to the shared Google drive via the official MCP gmail account.

New Business:

Potential future production -- Marissa saw Come From Away last month, thinks it would be a good fit for us someday when we’re ready for a full scale musical. Post 9/11 uplifting story.

Theatre Plugs:

Jackie is in The Elephant Man at Sand Lake Center for the Arts this weekend and next.

Sam is in Little Shop of Horrors at Steamer 10 theatre in Albany next weekend and the weekend following.

Next meeting: July 6th at 10am.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.