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March 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for 03/02/19

In attendance: Jeremy LaCrosse, Kari Daly, Jackie DeGiorgis, Gabby West, Shevaun Keogh-Walker

Meeting started at 10:33am.

Old Business:

Adams Space (Update) -- Jackie and Jeremy have a phone call with Becky from the Town of Adams this Monday. They will present our proposal for the use of the space and see what happen.

Cabaret Camp -- Marissa has the dates set for August (she was not at this meeting so we were unable to get the exact dates). Theme is storytelling.

Staged Readings -- Jackie didn’t get a chance to speak to the Adams Library about staged reading space. Will connect with them. Still considering a kid’s show reading during Susan B. Anthony Days (July). Last time we had talked about collectively looking into one acts for these shorter staged readings. No news on that front yet, though Shevaun /Jackie forwarded a bunch of one acts to the membership. We’ll read through these one acts for next time and try to dig up others. KD suggested another Potluck and a Play to work through some suggestions. Gabby is interested in hosting. An email will go out to plan one for March. We will reconnect via email in about a week.

Shevaun suggested having a kind of minimalist traveling show. Jeremy suggested that this might be a good idea for our reading series, if we can find space in community centers in the towns around here.

Jackie suggested partnering with summer events like the lake series, Fairy Festival, etc. Gabby suggested that a staged reading might look at little static at events like this and we might want to do something a little more produced.

Facebook/Website --

Website: We had a Potluck and a Website on Feb. 22 and cleaned up the website a bit. Mission statement is live, a new homepage is up, and minutes will now be located on our website, as opposed to the blog KD was posting on under Weebly. We’re still working through a performance history page that Tim started a while back. We’re asking that the membership continue to update the cast lists of past shows on the Google doc that we started on Feb. 22nd. KD suggested giving ourselves a deadline of having the performance history link up by Cabaret.

Facebook: Gabby is seeing a little traffic on the facebook. Posts about the meetings are going out. Gabby is planning on randomly putting out posts to keep us active. We should all actively re-share posts as they come up. Gabby will text us when she posts something, so we can see if it’s popping up in our feeds.

Growing Membership -- Still kind of tabled on this. KD suggested tabling an official campaign until late spring/early summer. We will continue to brainstorm.

Financial Update -- Gabby has to stop by Adams Community to get the Pumpkin Walk donation. She is planning on setting up online banking to make it easier to handle finances.

New Business:

Community Collaborations -- The Green Mountain Weavers and Spinners is interested in collaborating on future, quirky projects. KD suggested keeping an eye on their events on their Facebook page:


Shevaun suggested a reading of Riders to the Sea, etc. combine with a weaving event.

Next meeting: Saturday, April 6, 2019.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15am.