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May 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for 05/04/19

In attendance: Jeremy LaCrosse, Kari Daly, Jackie DeGiorgis, Gabby West, Marissa Carlson

Meeting started at 10:18am

Old Business:

Adams Space (Update) -- Email to Becky from Adams with our proposal went out shortly after the last meeting. No response yet. Jackie will send out a follow-up email to ensure than Becky received it and it wasn’t lost in other emails.

Cabaret Camp -- We are good to go with BART. Gabby just needs to send a check ($500 for the week). We’re looking at 17 cast members at this point. July 12-21.Theme is “storytelling.” Once our insurance renews in June we will send along the paperwork to BART.

Staged Readings -- Jackie didn’t have a chance to contact Adams Library about performing. She will do so before next meeting. We will continue to read ten-minute plays and one-act plays to see what we can cobble together. Jackie also noted that whomever owns the Firehouse Café appears to be renting it out to people. Jackie will try to get more information to see if we might be able to utilize the space. We tentatively plan to re-launch the staged reading series this summer. We may schedule a Potluck and Play this month via email to look into scripts.

Facebook -- Everything seems to be going well.

Website -- KD reminded everyone that we need more info added to the Google doc to update this detailed Past Performances page so we can get it ready by Cabaret time. We need to ask Liz and Tim where the past show stuff is in storage unit. The plan is to have the Past Performances page ready by Cabaret time. No email updates.

Growing Membership -- Still tabled on this.

Financial Update -- No updates, but Jackie will be making a $350 donation next week. Nonprofits need to file a 990N form every year; we haven’t done this since 2015 and are in danger of losing our tax number. No penalty for late filing so we should catch up. Jeremy will send out the link to the officers so we can get this done.

Fundraising -- We need to start working on fundraising projects. Jeremy happens to be taking a masters course in fundraising this summer so he will be bringing back useful information on this front. We will continue to brainstorm as well. Jackie suggested maybe organizing a community cabaret of local high school performances (similar to what is happening this weekend with Berkshire Theatre Group). KD pointed out that we have the problem of performance space, though. We had also considered Paint and Sip last time. We looked into it a little closer at the meeting and are uncertain if this would be worth the time, considering the pricing split available on Progressive Palette’s website. Jackie also suggested a group tag sale. Jer suggested sending out an appeal if we secure a new space. We will continue to brainstorm.

Community Collaborations -- KD is working with Green Mountain Weavers to produce a staged reading relating to weaving. Might take a while.

New Business:

Strategic Plan -- Jeremy had to complete a strategic plan for MCP for a class. He handed out a packet and asked us to read through it for next time so we can move forward with creating a strategic plan. Jer drew our attention to an annual scorecard that he feels we should complete every year, based on goals we set. The packet also suggests we think about professional (administrative) development. Key: heart = thing we love and are critical to our mission but we don’t make money on; stop = things that are not associated with the mission and don’t make us money; tree = things that make us money but are not associated with our mission (fundraising); star = high in mission and high in profit (mostly, our productions).

Theatre Plugs:

Charlie’s last performance as Seymour in Little Shop is this evening.

Jackie and Gabby are directing a full production of Orion this fall at The Whit in Pittsfield.

Sand Lake Center for the Arts is doing The Elephant Man end of this month.

Sam is in Little Shop at Steamer 10 in Albany in the beginning of June.

Free TheatreFest this weekend in Great Barrington at St. James’s Place.

BCC Players are putting on Pippin next week (one weekend?)

Next meeting: Saturday, June 1 at 10:00am

Meeting adjourned at 11:15am.