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November 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for 11/03/18

In attendance: Jeremy LaCrosse, Kari Daly, Jackie DeGiorgis, Marissa Carlson, Gabby West

Meeting started at 10:30am

Old Business:

Small Space search --

· Room above Desperado’s on Eagle -- it’s an apartment, no longer available

· Eric Rudd’s space (the former Methodist church) -- No update; Marissa will talk to her mom about it

· Brayton School -- Jackie will look into

· Lecture hall at MCLA -- No update; Marissa has not heard back from MCLA yet on possibly using a space there; needs to nudge them.

· Letter to Adams about a space -- Former middle school; Jackie and Marissa will meet with Donna Cesan about the space on Thursday, Nov. 8th

· [UNASSIGNED -- just an idea we threw out] In Adams: St. Mark’s Church (stone church near McDonald’s); Jackie will ask Liz if she has contact info

· Ashland Street Project Space -- No update on how much Ashland Street costs (we were thinking of it in terms of just having an office space/physical presence for MCP); definitely too small for performance space.

Facebook/Website -- Used primarily Facebook to promote Pumpkin Walk. We reached around 7k pages according to Facebook analytics (prior to the event; we haven’t checked since), but didn’t see a lot of interaction with our posts. Is this owing to Facebook’s new(ish) algorithms? KD notes that last time we we producing more events and so were in the public eye more; we utilized our email list for the event; we promoted the event on the website. We definitely had a lack of community involvement. What is the next step with the website?

Pumpkin Walk -- Nor’easter came in on Pumpkin Walk night; maybe 50 came in the wind and rain. Gabby notes there were a lot of parties (and indoor stuff) going on that Saturday night (Halloweekend). Jer notes that in 2015 we had more people on the Thursday night we held the event. KD suggested that maybe weekday night and multiple nights work better? Jer suggested trying to do everything in the same day -- pumpkin carving, drop off and display. It was suggested that we need to make more of an effort to reach out to groups next year and maybe put up posters, rather than relying on social media. Gabby suggests each of us reaching out to a specific group next year. Collaboration with ROOTS went alright; because they are entirely teen run things take a little longer. KD estimates that, with $150 donated from Adams Community Bank, we spent around $62 to buy pumpkins, donuts, cider, and other supplies. The carving night at UNO center was well attended and UNO was great to work with. May approach them next year about hosting the event.

By-laws subcommittee -- Reminder -- Potluck and a By-law on Nov 17th at 6pm at Jackie’s house. Tim has provided Jackie and Marissa with a copy of the by-laws.

Possible collaboration with Town Players (K111 space at BCC) -- There was a mold problem in K111 at BCC, but it should be remediated by spring so this space should still be available. We still aren’t sure if this possible collaboration is something that the Town Players board is totally in agreement with. Jackie didn’t get a chance to go to the October meeting; we will plan on sending a representative or two to the November meeting (Jackie will coordinate) to see exactly what they are thinking. It was agreed that it wouldn’t be worth it to us to pay $550 to do a staged reading (on our own, without collaboration) and we don’t think we can handle a full production on our own. It sounds like TP is asking us to split costs/income, provide a director, and provide a script, which sounds like it might work for us. Jackie is interested in possibly directing.

Growing Membership -- Tabled until the new year.

New Business:

Outdoor Space in North Adams -- We were contacted about giving input for an outdoor performance space in North Adams. Berkshire Regional Planning Commission (Christopher Gruba) is trying to develop a downtown park in the city. Jeremy offered to call him back and talk over our needs/thoughts.

Holiday/Children Show -- Jer suggested partnering with UNO for this, as they were great to work with in Pumpkin Walk and have a built-in network for children. KD mentioned that they might not let us charge admission. Jackie suggested pushing this off until February, as she has a script we’ve done before that aligns with President’s Day (Civil War short story). We will see what happens with possible collaboration with Town Players before we move on this.

Next meeting: Saturday, December 1st, 10am

Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.