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October 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for 10/06/18

In attendance: Jeremy LaCrosse, Kari Daly, Jackie DeGiorgis, Marissa Carlson, Sam Therrien

Meeting started at 10:15am

Old Business:

Staged Readings/Small Space search -- No updates on most

· Gabby was not in attendance to update on the room above Desperado’s on Eagle

· Eric Rudd’s space (the former Methodist church) -- Marissa will talk to her mom about it

· [UNASSIGNED -- just an idea we threw out] Space adjacent to North Adams YMCA

· Lecture hall at MCLA -- Marissa has not heard back from MCLA yet on possibly using a space there; needs to nudge them.

· Letter to Adams about a space -- Jackie was unable to check in with them (town hall is closed on Fridays); will check in

· [UNASSIGNED -- just an idea we threw out] In Adams: St. Mark’s Church (stone church near McDonald’s); we had talked to them a few years back and they were interested in possibly hosting us

· [UNASSIGNED -- just an idea we threw out] In Adams: the middle school

· Ashland Street Project Space -- Sam checked out the space; it’s small, but would work for a small, straightup-staged readings (15 max? “It’s like a living room”). The contact for the space, Ashley Stryzinski (sp?), indicated that she was open to the idea of us using the space; however, she may not be doing this past November. Ashley is renting the space and using it as an office and may give it up. Kari asked Sam to see if she can find out how much she’s paying in rent; suggested we may want to rent a small space in the future.

· Sam suggested a friend’s basement she knows of; nothing fancy, but they sometimes invite bands to play.

· Sam suggested renting a space in the movie theater for one-off performances

Since we can’t really move forward on staged readings until we lock down a space, we’re kind of in limbo still. Jackie suggested readings of plays/books for kids at the library to keep us busy (since kids’ stories are short). Decided we don’t have enough warm bodies to work on a series at the moment; hold this idea until maybe holiday show in December?

Facebook/Website -- Jeremy requested access from Tim for the Facebook site but there was a hiccup; this was fixed at the meeting and Jer will use it to promote Pumpkin Walk (see below). KD will email Tim to put Pumpkin Walk logo up on website so that looks updated.

Pumpkin Walk -- Jeremy will make Facebook events this weekend. Request to close street down is in the works and we’re waiting on an update. Will go forward no matter what. Date is set for October 27th, 6pm-9pm. Pumpkin carving at UNO center on Weds., October 24th, 5pm-7pm (Jer will head this up). KD is looking for a giant carafe-type thing to hold hot cider (asks people to keep an eye out). KD will keep everyone posted on decision on the street and needs.

By-laws subcommittee -- Forgot to discuss this last time. Table until November (Potluck and a By-Laws!). Jackie offered her house up; we’ve tentatively schedule this session for Saturday, November 17th. We are going to hunt down the by-laws (Liz has?).

New Business:

Possible collaboration with Town Players (K111 space at BCC) -- TP invited us to collaborate with them and split costs or sublet the space @$550 a month; Jackie and Marissa met with them to discuss this. They have an open opportunity to use this space in the spring. It’s a little unclear how much support there is for a collaboration (do other board members know of this offer? We’re not sure), but TP doesn’t have anything specific in mind. We will keep this space in mind and everyone will think about shows we could possibly produce. Jackie will attend the TP October meeting later this month and let them know that we are tentatively interested, but have nothing concrete to suggest at this time.

Growing Membership -- KD suggested starting a conversation on growing our membership; perhaps use Pumpkin Walk to launch a campaign. If we get a space, having some mixers might help. Jeremy suggested that it’s easier to grow by casting. Facebook seems the way to, but Facebook’s algorithms have changed it’s difficult to know if people are seeing the posts. KD suggested crossing-posting the November meeting announcement on the Pumpkin Walk Event page. Right now we’re up in the air on possible spaces and production projects; we’re close to big things, though and we’ll start brainstorming about how we can launch a full campaign once some of these get ironed out.

Next meeting: Saturday, November 3rd, 10am

Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.