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September 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for 09/01/18

In attendance: Jeremy LaCrosse, Kari Daly, Jackie DeGiorgis, Gabby West, Marissa Carlson, Sam Therrien

Meeting started at 10:15am

Old Business:

Staged Readings -- Gabby and Jackie met with Colleen Taylor from the Freight Yard this past week; while Sean was interested in hosting us at FYP, Colleen is not onboard. Colleen would like us to do dinner theater. Jackie suggests maybe doing a dinner theater production to sweeten Colleen on it. We’ll keep this in mind for the future projects. Colleen suggested the old Carr Hardware rental place across from Goodwill (owned by Pastor Dan); Jackie thinks that if this project is church-related, it’s probably not for us. Drury is a no-go. Other possible suggestions:

· Gabby suggested the room above Desperado’s on Eagle; she will talk to Peter Leskowitz (Desperado’s owner) about it

· Eric Rudd’s space (the former Methodist church); Marissa will talk to her mom about it

· Space adjacent to North Adams YMCA

· Lecture hall at MCLA; Marissa will talk to her mom about it

· In Adams: St. Mark’s Church (stone church near McDonald’s); we had talked to them a few years back and they were interested in possibly hosting us

· In Adams: the middle school

· Ashland Street Project Space; website says they are open for community events and bill themselves as a “community flex space”; Jackie will email them

· Kari suggested Fractured Atlas’s site for a search

Staged reading of Town Players’ Orion is the next reading planned; end of October is the earliest it could be done; Gabby and Jackie will email cast to lock down a date. Kari suggested booking the library as a fall back, in case these other space ideas don’t work out. Play runs about 90 minutes with no intermission so library shouldn’t be a problem.

(Gabby: Jackie, I am not doing any audio ever again.)

The rest of the staged reading season will be decided as soon as we can lock down a space. We will have an email meeting with updates.

Pumpkin Walk -- Kari and Jeremy met with Jess Sweeney and the Youth Board at the Roots Center on Monday, August 27. They are interested in collaborating with us and having Pumpkin Walk take place on the same evening as their yearly fundraiser, Haunted Harvest Festival. Last year they asked the city to close Eagle Street but the city denied them; the idea is that if we combine forces the city may be more likely to grant the request. Jess was going to fill out an application this week. There is a chance that the city may charge us for this; do we want to split the cost? The festival is scheduled for Saturday, October 27. This would cut Pumpkin Walk down to one day. Our immediate concerns:

Where to carve pumpkins: Roots is too small. Anyone have connections with Churches? Gabby suggested UNO center (Kari will email NBCC, which appears to run the center); St. Elizabeth’s has been open to hosting us in the past; First Baptist Church is near Eagle Street. Gabby suggested MoCA (Kari will reach out to Kidspace).

Where to store pumpkins between carving and display: Thoughts? Gabby offered her van. Jackie also suggested the high school storing their own donations, though this is not ideal.

We agree to the collaboration, so long as we ensure that our event is still marketed as separate events.

Letter to Town of Adams -- Jackie wrote a letter to Donna Cesan introducing us and asking for assistance in finding a space. Waiting on a response. Jackie will followup next week.

Facebook/Website -- Izzy has been absent from events due to health concerns. Jeremy is tentatively interested in taking over this project, since he’s taking a class in social media this semester and will probably have to do a project about it anyway (hahaha). The goal is to keep ourselves in the minds of the community and refresh our internet presence.

New Business:

Artist Town Hall -- On August 9th Jeremy, Kari, and Jackie attended the Artist Town Hall sponsored by Assets for Artists. A4A organized a document listing artists’ needs and things they can offer and emailed the list to all of the participants. Kari didn’t see anything helpful for us on this document, but we will continue to attend A4A Town Hall events in the future.

Letter of support for the Mohawk project -- The project leaders have asked us and other community groups to write letters of support to help secure funding. Marissa is drafting the letter and hopes to send it out today.

Meeting ended at 11:18am