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September 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for 08/31/19

In attendance: Jeremy LaCrosse, Gabby West, Jackie DeGiorgis

Meeting started at 10:15

Old Business:

Adams Space -- Jeremy emailed his contact on 8/30 and is waiting to hear back. Gabby still

has to reach out to her contact on the selectboard.

Firehouse Café -- Jackie, KD, and Jeremy visited the Firehouse Café and talked to the manager (Mike Mach) of the space about potentially doing performances there. They seem to be eager to book people, no word yet on if we would be charged/how much. Pretty much only useful for us for tiny shows (Constellations?) or staged readings. No bar or food is offered, so we would be able to host our own concessions. They were looking for performances to fill out the rest of the calendar year, but we are already booked with the Adams Library. Jackie will touch base with Mike next week and discuss possible use of the space in the future to get some more details

Financial Update -- No financial updates. Gabby will email and update for Cabaret.

Staged Readings -- Auditions took place on Aug. 13th and, after some swapping, the dates are:

God of Carnage, Thursday, Sept. 12th @ 6pm

Church and State, Tuesday, Oct. 29th @ 6pm

Constellations, Thursday, Nov. 21st @ 6pm

Jeremy created a poster and brought it to the Adams Library. He will email the poster design to Jackie and Gabby for additional postering.

Facebook -- Jeremy will touch base with Marissa about creating a Facebook campaign for the staged readings. We agreed to aim for a weekly post about the staged readings.

Website -- KD updated the website with the poster for the staged readings. KD is also getting the login info for Mail Chimp to restart the email blast. Work on ‘Past Productions’ page has been tabled until October.

Growing Membership -- We will start collecting emails again at our staged readings to help grow our email list, in anticipation of a membership campaign in the future.

Community Collaborations -- No updates.

New Business:


Theatre Plugs:

Orion at The Whit in Pittsfield, Jackie and Gabby directing, 9/13-9/15, 9/20-9/22, 8pm (2pm on Sunday)

Fall season of Gypsy Lane is beginning soon.

Cemetery Club at Ghent (starring Jackie) starts 10/11 and runs 3 weekends.

Next meeting: October meeting will be 10/5.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30.